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General Questions About Asthma

What is asthma?
Can asthma be cured?
What is airway remodelling?
Why do more people have asthma now than in the past?
Why is my asthma worse at night?
Why do I experience asthma symptoms when I laugh or cry?
A friend suggested I move to a different part of the country. Should I?
Are there different types of asthma?
Is there any way to prevent asthma from occurring in the first place?
Do children outgrow asthma?

Questions About Asthma, Allergies and Symptom Triggers

Is asthma an allergy?
Do milk products make asthma worse?
When I exercise, my asthma symptoms get worse. Should I stop?

Questions About Medication and Asthma

Can allergy medicines help my asthma?
I'm pregnant. Should I stop taking my asthma medication?
I'm feeling better. Can I stop taking my medication?
Can I become dependent on, or addicted to, my asthma medication?
My symptoms aren't that bad. Can't I just put up with them instead of taking medication?
I do not experience 'asthma attacks.' Why do I have to take medication every day?
I only have mild asthma. Do I still have to take daily medication?
Can alternative therapies help my asthma?
Can I donate blood if I take asthma medications?